10 Warning Signs That You Need To Change Your Diet

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Your body is unique.

In the classical evolution sense, the human body is
able to provide clues as to how it’s feeling.

If you aren’t getting enough exercise you feel
tired and listless. If you’re eating too much you become overweight and

If you get a virus you feel sick and can get
treatment before things get worse.

These warning signs are the body’s way of telling
you that it’s time to make a change or to do something to make things better.

What you’ll find below are ten warning signs that
you need to change your diet. These warning signs are your body’s way of
letting you know that it’s time for a change.

And when it comes to your body there is nothing
more important than your diet.1. Tired All The

If you’re feeling tired all the time it’s a good
sign that you’re body is not getting the fuel it needs to make it through a
normal day.

Regular routines call for 7-8 hours of sleep each
night with the rest being split amongst various work activities along with
recreational activities. You should also be able to have time to rest and
reflect, which is a great way to improve your overall health.

But if you’re sleeping more than 9 hours each day
and feeling tired and drowsy during the day you’re not eating the right foods.
You’re likely using carbohydrates and sugars to fuel your body. These can be
great if you’re an athlete in training because they can provide bursts of
energy, but for regular people the crashes come hard and result in you feeling
more tired than you were before.

A continuous diet of carbohydrates and sugar will
lead to you feeling tired all the time, which is one way your body can tell you
to make a change.2. Fat Around Your
Waist and Vital Organs

Excessive carbohydrate and sugar consumption leads
to the worst kind of fat buildup in your body. Your waistline tends to grow
leaving you with what looks like an inner tube around your waist. This is an
early indication that you need to make a change to your diet.

Fat around your waist, neck, wrists, fingers and
ankles is a warning sign you can see. What you can’t see is even worse.

Thickening waists usually indicate that your body
is building fat around your vital organs including your heart, which can lead
to heart issues in the future. This is also the type of fat that can clog your
arteries that lead to heart attacks and strokes.

Cutting back on carbohydrates and sugar can help
you body burn the fat around your vital organs getting your body back into
proper shape.3. Cravings

Do you have a craving around mid-morning even after
you’ve had breakfast?

If you do you’re not alone. Nearly all people today
have cravings in between meals. It’s a sign that your diet may be having more
negative effects on your health.

There are a few reasons for these cravings.

First, by eating a diet high in carbohydrates you
will experiences highs and lows with hunger. Those that eat carbohydrates
experience rushes of energy only to see those rushes disappear quickly leaving
the body wanting more. It’s like a drug that makes people addicted.

Second, modern suggestions have led people to
believe that eating many small meals and snacks throughout the day is a good
thing when a better eating schedule may actually including limiting the period
you eat during the day to a specific 8-10 hour window from mid-morning to early
evening.4. Headaches

Persistent headaches and severe headaches can be
the result of a few different causes. If you’re having issues with headaches or
any of the items on this list it’s always advisable to see your regular

These headaches may be a sign that your body is not
getting the right nutrients and it can be an indication that you’re eating
foods that make you sick.

Too much sugar in your system can lead to headaches
and dependency. Your body becomes used to the sugar rushes including those of
carbohydrates. If you have a consistent diet of these items and stop eating
them you’ll experience headaches in the short-term. It’s good to move away from
these modern diet staples even if you experience headaches in the short-term.

But again, always consult your physician for a more
thorough diagnosis.5. Bad Breath

Too much coffee and alcohol are two big reasons for
bad breath, but overall poor diet can lead to persistent bad breath. It’s a way
for your body to let you know that it’s getting too many toxins. One of the
ways for those toxins to find release is by exiting through your body and
living on the back of your tongue, which the source of most bad breath.

You may also be suffering some stomach and
digestive issues if you have persistent bad breath. This can result from poor
diet, but it’s a good idea to consult with your physician to see if there are
more serious problems happening other than the bad taste in your mouth.6. Excessive

Feeling thirsty all the time?

The obvious sign is that you’re not getting enough
water. Today, there are many alternatives to good old water. We have juices,
energy drinks, coffee and everything except plain old water.

Many of these alternatives have sugar and food dyes
that can lead to a number of health issues. One of the warning signs for these
health issues is excessive thirst. It’s your body’s way of letting you know
that you’re not being hydrated properly.

You might think you’re drinking enough, but if
you’re not drinking water you could be doing more damage than good by drinking
alternative drinks.7. High Blood

For a long time humans have known that high blood
pressure is a major warning signs for health issues.

Your heart is your biggest muscle. When it’s
working too hard to pump blood through your body you’re in for trouble. It can
lead to heart attacks, strokes and early death.

High blood pressure can be caused by a variety of
different issues, but most relate to your overall diet and exercise.

Cutting back on carbohydrates, sugars and processed
foods can help reduce your blood pressure. Working out can also improve your
blood pressure by lowering your resting heart rate.8. Acne

People have long wondered if acne was the result of
poor diet and today there is evidence to suggest that diet may cause some forms
of acne.

Acne can be the result of genetics and a person’s
environment, but a diet heavy in carbohydrates and sugar can lead to outbreaks.

It can be embarrassing and uncomfortable to have
acne on your face, shoulders and back, but it’s usually an indication that
something much worse is taking place. Acne can also be found with some of the
other symptoms on the list including high blood pressure. Many of the same
things cause each of these signs.9. Inconsistent
Bowel Movements

Your bowel movements should always be consistent.
Your physician probably asks you about your bowels as one of the first
questions each time you visit. This is because your digestion habits are a key
indicator for your health.

Going excessively or too infrequently can be a sign
that you’re not eating the right foods. Your body is likely struggling to get
the nutrients it needs all while trying to flush the toxins it doesn’t need.

Digestion issues can be uncomfortable and
embarrassing. It’s one of the first indicators that something is wrong in both
the short and long-term.

Always consult your regular physician if you have
inconsistent bowel movements. He or she will be able to see if it’s something
that will pass in the short-term or if there are major issues.

Either way, it’s a good idea to improve your
digestion with a proper diet and exercise routine.10. Foot Pain

Finally, foot pain can result from a mechanical
injury, but swelling feet and other foot pain could be the result of poor diet.

Having too many carbohydrates and sugars, as with
other symptoms on this list, can lead to foot pain and swelling.

It’s another way for your body to let you know that
it’s getting too much of what it doesn’t need and too little of the nutrients
it needs to keep you alive and well.Conclusion

Your body can throw you a lot of signs. Some are
good and some are bad.

These warnings signs mean that it’s time to make
changes to the way you’re living. Specifically, these are warnings that you
need to make changes to your diet.

Make those changes along with healthy and routine
fitness as prescribed by your physician and your body will be telling you that
you’re living right in no time.Recent PostsSign up to our newsletterPagesBlogShare with usFacebookTwitterPinterestRecent UpdatesThe 14 Day Detox

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