5 tips to make your skin glow 

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We all want to have a clear and silky skin, free of any imperfections. While there are many beauty treatments and routines that can help, it is important to remember that having healthy skin starts from the inside Here you go 5 tips to make your skin glow:1- Change your eating habits:

The foods you eat every day affect your skin directly. For example, a diet with lots of sugar and fast food, will make your skin oily and prone to acne. The first step to a healthy skin is then, a change of your diet. Start by getting rid of the junk food and sugar (yep, completely) and choose eating whole foods that aren’t heavily processed. There are many natural substitutes for sugar such as honey, rice malt syrup, stevia, medjol dates, etc. When choosing your food, you should have a motto: The more natural, the better (and that’s not only for you skin but for your overall health). Our recommendation is to cut out all processed foods and soft drinks, and aim to eat fruit and vegetables every single day.2- Keep hydrated:

We can’t stress enough over this! Drinking enough water every day not only allows your brain and muscles work to their full potential but also nourishes your skin. So it is very important is to make sure you are drinking plenty of water, because this will hydrate and nourish your skin making it look healthy and glowing.

All this nutrition tips will not only improve your skin health but will also make you feel 100% times better on the inside! You will notice an increase in your energy and even changes of your mood! Happy body, happy you!

Following the basis of cleansing your “inside” and before thinking about any other steps, we want to introduce the PURE SKIN tea to you.

This amazing tea blend is composed by Natural Chinese Herbs known for its cleansing and clearing abilities. The Pure Skin tea will help to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, not only feeding your skin but equally hydrating, clearing the skin (think cystic, sore pimples) and draining away any inflammation.

The Pure Skin is 100% natural and organic. It’s composition is purely based on natural and organic Chinese herbs: Scutellaria baicalensis, golden cypress, rhizoma atractylodis,Poria cocos, dandelion leaf, Sencha green tea and Stevia leaf.

This tea is suitable for any time of the day, and will help you keeping hydrated as well (a very important part of the cleanse).

Right, so now that we are on track to achieve a healthy inside, let’s see what other things we can do to make our skin glow.4- Keep your surroundings clean:

One example of something that a lot of people ignore is to wash your pillowcases and sheets regularly. This might not sound relevant for our skin look. However we spend every night in our beds, and if you don’t clean your skin properly all the oils and dirt from that day gets transferred over to your sheets and pillows. This eventually builds up and ends up blocking your skin and may make you break out. Washing your bed sheets, covers and pillowcases on a weekly basis will makes a huge difference in how clear your skin is. You can also flip your pillows over daily so you are not sleeping on the same side of your pillow every night.5- Follow a face cleanse routine:

Remember to keep your skin clean and fresh on a daily basis. If you use make-up daily, try not covering your face with foundation unless you have to, use powder mineral foundation instead so your pores can breath. Also you should always clean all your make up before exercising so your face can breath and sweat, and have a fresh and clean face to go to bed.

As for the cleansing routine, we recommend using 100% natural products too. You can use coconut oil and round cotton as a make up remover, for example! And there is hundreds of natural face masks, treatments and moisturisers on the net, get creative!

These are only few of what we consider musts to have a beautiful skin.

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