Green Tea and Weight Loss

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This article will provide a detailed explanation into the case studies of Green tea and its effect on weight loss / management and we will also look into how Green tea has been linked to prevention of lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. The westernised lifestyle has changed dramatically over the last 100 years. We have been accustomed to a somewhat lazier lifestyle in which we rely on transportation and thus less physical activity, easier access to fast-foods has also played a major role in a global increase in obesity. At the other end of the spectrum, due to scientific research, we have also become more aware about our health status and nutritional values of foods. Green tea is one of those natural herbs that is well documented in providing a multitude of health benefits, one of which is weight management – we will look into a human and animal case studies which provide an outlook on how Green tea can effect weight loss. To get started, we need to learn a bit about Tea catechins.

Green tea contains many types of polyphenols, particularly catechins; a part of a compound group generically known as flavonoids. Catechins found in Green tea are soluble antioxidants that have been shown to reduce body fat levels (visceral fat) in clinical studies. Frequent ingestion of Green tea beverages has been shown to increase energy usage in both human and animal trials. One way in which the Green tea catechins decrease body fat is by the activation of lipid metabolism in the liver and muscle, allowing for the utilisation of stored fats to be used as energy.Green tea catechins added to a high fat and high sucrose diet reduces the body weight of a mouse over 11 months

A mouse used to replicate the obesity of a human, by controlling its diet, was used in a clinical study over 11 months. The mouses diet was adjusted from a standard diet (SD) consisting of 5% fat to a high fat diet (HD) which contained 30% fat and 13% sucrose. Below is a chart which shows the decrease in body weight in relation to the intake of tea catechins.

Above is a chart that represents a clinical trial of a high fat dietry-induced mouse. A high fat, high sucrose diet (30% fat and 13% sucrose) was given to the mouse for a period of 11 months. As you can see, the addition and quantity of tea catechins to the diet significantly reduces body weight gain compared to a high fat, high sucrose diet alone (without catechins).Tea Catechins Increase Fat Oxidation (fat burning) in Human Case Study

A study conducted in 2005 showed sufficient evidence that tea catechins significantly increased the rate of fat oxidation levels during exercise. 14 healthy males aged between 26 to 42 years were divided into two even groups.Group A – 7 males consuming drinks with high concentration (570 mg) of tea catechins.Group B – 7 males consuming drinks that contained zero (0 mg) tea catechins.

Both groups were asked to consume their respective drinks, 500ml of beverage over an 8 week period. Both groups performed 30 minutes of treadmill exercise (5 km/h) three times per week.

After 8 weeks, breath analysis and energy expenditure was recorded, the fat burning levels in group A was notably higher than group B. See the chart below to see how Green tea catechins were effective:

Fat combustion levels are increased significantly during exercise when tea catechins are consumed in comparison to that without tea catechin ingestion.References

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