Is a tea detox right for me? 

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Have you ever thought about starting a
tea detox but don’t quite know whether it’s the right decision?

The fact is that detox tea is suitable
for a wide variety of people with different lifestyle goals, but understanding
what it’s all about should help you make your final decision.What
is a tea detox?

The chances are you’ve heard the term
detox before, but what exactly does a tea detox entail?

The idea is to encourage your body to
rid itself of harmful toxins that could put your healthy lifestyle at risk,
therefore improving your chances of looking and feeling great.

A detox tea is packed with natural
ingredients, each of which has been chosen for specific qualities that will
help you reach your objectives.

Providing your keep your diet healthy
and engage in plenty of exercise, a tea detox should leave you with an extra
spring in your step!What
ingredients are included in a detox tea?

The specific ingredients of a detox tea
will vary depending on the product you choose. Rest assured that all the teas
we stock have been chosen with top quality ingredients in mind.

For example, our ever popular weight
loss teas include 100 per cent organic components that will help increase your
metabolism and help with the digestion of food.

The Acai Tea Detox, on the other hand,
contains acai berry leaf and extract, both of which are known for slowing down
the ageing process and assisting with energy production.

It’s important to look at each healthy
tea individually and see what ingredients are included. If you’re concerned about
any of the products, consult your doctor before ordering.How
easy is it to follow a tea detox?

If you’re concerned that it might be
difficult to keep to a tea detox then don’t be – it really is one of the
simplest programs you can follow.

Each of our teas will come with its own
set of instructions, but they usually require you to substitute your morning or
evening cup of tea with one of these special bags. In some cases, the healthy
tea will need to be taken twice a day.

Make sure you follow our guidelines and
the detox tea will start to take effect before you know it.

August 30, 2016
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